Health Benefits of Slow Feeding

GutzBusta® Slow Feeding Nets slow down the rate of consumption of hay and allow horses/ponies to have a longer and a more continual supply of forage.

Why your horse or pony would benefit from having a GutzBusta® Haynet!!!

  • Simulates grazing for physical and mental health - horses are supposed to eat 18-20 hours a day.
  • Reduces boredom by extending feeding time.
  • Slows down rate of hay consumption – replicating horses natural grazing pattern
  • Reduces incidence of choke by stopping gorging, and only allowing a few strands of hay to be eaten at once.
  • Recommended by vets to help with obesity, colic, insulin resistance, ulcers and stall vices.
  • Happier, healthier horses that are less aggressive towards their mates as they ALWAYS have something to eat, particularly if they are on a dirt lot, paddock paradise track, stabled or yarded.
  • Great for laminitic, IR etc horses as there is no insulin spike if they have hay available all the time. Allows free choice/low carbohydrate hay access all the time. Pasture hay is usually the best (but not ryegrass and/or clover hay as these are generally too high in sugar.)
  • Constant chewing causes sodium bicarbonate to be naturally released in the horses saliva, therefore reducing risk of stomach ulcers by counteracting the HCI in the horses stomach.
  • Reduces hay wastage from being blown away, trampling mud, etc therefore saving money.
  • Net types of slow feeders are able to hang anywhere, safe, durable and easy to fill.
  • As the net holes are smaller, the net can be secured low for natural grazing position. Don’t tie low for shod horses or horses with untrimmed/sharp edges on their hooves
  • Can reduce feeding time by using the large bale nets so that horses have access to hay for longer periods before refilling.


GutzBusta® Haynets are Durable

These GutzBusta® Haynets do take a lot of punishment. See GutzBusta® in action.