Jenny - QLD 2016

I thought you might like to know that the round bale net I purchased a couple of months ago has been extremely successful with my sheep. I was a little concerned about them catching their feet but so far this has not been a problem. There has been little or no wastage of hay and at this rate it should pay for itself after only a few bales.

Definitely a great solution for feeding round bales to other stock, not just horses.

Horses eating from a hanging GutzBusta hay net.

Jenny - NSW 2013

Thank u so much i have received my goods they are awesome my horses love them they stand there for hours eating it instead of gutsing it all up 😉 very happy customer and horsies

Showjumping horse.

Alex - WA 2016

I just wanted to say how fantastic your hay nets are. When I first received them, I thought they wouldn't work and that they weren't strong enough. I was wrong! The hay nets are fantastic, they keep the horses entertained all day! The horses are much happier and healthier.

Lily is one of my showjumpers and Rosie Rocket was one of WA's most successful race mares winning over $460,000.

Thanks very much

Hi Nikki, just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with your nets. The round bale net is great, instead of 3 horses gutsing it down in 1 week! The bale now lasts up to 2 1/2 weeks! The net is sturdy as anything even with them stomping all over it when it is low it seems to survive 🙂
Great Product

Shelly Broomham
L1 NCAS Riding Instructor
Bitted and bitless

I have been using slow feeder hay nets with my miniature ponies for about 3 years and am very pleased with how they slow down the rate of consumption while keeping the hay off the ground. I have recently added 2 of Nikki's GutzBusta nets to my collection. They are excellent quality. Think I might have to try some of the ones with the smaller mesh. They should be ideal for little mouths and big appetites."
Helen, Murringo NSW
'It has been exceptionally wet underfoot in all paddocks this year and impossible to put the horses anywhere where their feet can really dry out for any period of time. This has meant that all the horses have experienced some thrush and it has been particularly bad in the front feet of two of the mares. I had done a lot of searching looking for something to help treat this while trying to keep the horses feet as clean and dry as possible. All of the treatments recommended required soaking of the feet - not something that was very appealing given there were six horses to treat and it didn't seem particularly sensible to try to soak something that was already waterlogged. A friend recommended Nikki's powder to me. Within a few days of using the product once a day, the frogs had dried out considerably-especially the frogs of the two mares that had deep grooves in their frogs. The 'thrushy' smell had also improved a lot. About a week after using the product we had a solid three days of rain which made everything really wet again. I was pleasantly surprised that the horses feet continued to improve even in the very wet conditions. Now about a month later, I am still using the product. All the horses are continuing to improve and there is nice healthy frog regrowth. A really good feature of this product is how quickly you can get around a lot of horses - really easy to apply, no mess, no fuss, no smell and best of all no soaking! Thanks Nikki - a really good product.' Regards,
Belinda - Bathurst NSW

Hi Nikki I just wanted to say what a wonderful product your ThrushEze™ Powder is. I have a horse that has a contracted heal and have had a constant battle with thrush for the last few months in and around his frog, I have tried so many products it is ridiculous. I have followed your recommendations cleaning his feet twice a day for the past three weeks and applying the powder and brushing it in with the end of the hoof pick and he has a very clean tidy thrush FREE frog now. He did an 80km Endurance ride just over a week ago and travelled over rocks and rough terrain with out ouching at all.. Anyway THANKYOU so much for such a wonderful product and I will be telling all my horsey friends how good it is.

Kind Regards Donna Tidswell & Oakleigh Park Bailey Canowindra NSW 2804 

Donna Tidswell - Canowindra NSW

Thank you the nets have arrive and I am so pleased with the quality and success in slow feeding. I have been recommending your product to fellow miniature horse/pony owners because they really do work.


Debra - VIC

Hi Nikki

Ordered and got your moderator hay net last week.  (saw your ad in horse deals mag).

 As my horse has eaten the bottom out of other hay nets, I was very impressed with yours and so far, no damage and horse eating slowly and patiently (after a few frustrated attempts to get hay out quicker).

Thanks again. Ordered another one today. 🙂


Hi Nikki,

Love our slow feeder nets....our laminitic shettie/mini cross is doing really well and like most ponies - have it all worked out and eat quite effectively via a slow feeder.  The original 2 nets have held up well (we have several greedy ponies who have to spend time consuming less feed) but we wanted greater flexibility when putting a few ponies together.  Looking forward to receiving the larger nets.

Thanks Nikki,


Hi Nikki,

I purchase your product a few weeks ago and just thought id share my experience. my pony's feet were smelling and quite black and soft which i thought was thrush. I went on holiday for 2 weeks and thinking that his feet were going to be extremely bad when i got back i hoped for the best. I cleaned his feet 2 days ago and it was still smelly and black and soft. I used the product last night and tonight when i did his feet they were %100 better. i am so happy with this product i will make sure i always have some on hand. (im not sure how you were supposed to put it on so i just used my fingers and rubbed it all over the bottom of the hoof) i cant thank you enough!


Hi Nikki,

Just wanted to say thank you very much.

I received the hay net today and is already in use! They adapted instantaneously! I'm not sure if I'm happy with how I've set it up, but it's doing it's job at the moment so it will suffice until I find a better solution. Will also brake out the rubber matting tomorrow to limit the amount of dirt/sand they pick up eating the bits that fall into the ground.

Thank you once again for such great service and speedy delivery.


The 30cm X 30cm product is well made. The horses have had to slow down - mind you, it's impressive how little my mare has slowed down, she really works with total single mindedness until every strand of the hay is gone! I swear they seem to enjoy the challenge. I just want to keep them occupied for a little longer before they start trying to ring-bark the trees, as I have no grass.

Kelly, WA

Hello Nikki,

Thanks so much for your prompt service and wonderful hay nets. The nets are so easy to get the hay into!

Kind Regards,

Clare Moore 

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how happy I am with your service and product! I now want more hay nets than horses and am totally addicted to them. Easy ordering and super fast delivery of a faultless product! I am super impressed. 

I swear I tell everyone I know about these things, just got the 3cm ones delivered today and they're amazing! Even better than the others 🙂 

Thanks Heidi, Metung VIC