GutzBusta® Slow Feed Hay Nets

Reduces incidence of stomach ulcers and colic

Using a GutzBusta Hay Net can help reduce incidence of Colic and stomach ulcers

Reduces incidence of stomach ulcers and colic

GutzBusta Hay Nets are great for Livestock too

Simulates grazing and great for Livestock

Round bale hay nets, great for horses and livestock

Round bale nets for horses and livestock

GutzBusta Hay Nets are great for managing IR and Cushings horses as well as laminitic horses and ponies

Great for managing laminitic/IR/Cushings horses

Save on wastage by using a GutzBusta Hay Net

Reduces hay wastage up to 46%

Using a GutzBusta Hay Net can help reduce incidence of choke, boredom and stable vices

Reduce choke, boredom & stable vices

Save your hay, order a GutzBusta Hay Net Today

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GutzBusta Small bale hay net.

Small Hay Nets

GutzBusta medium bale hay net.

Medium Hay Nets

GutzBusta large bale hay net.

Large Hay Nets


Round Bale Hay Nets


8x4x3 Rectangle Nets

GutzBusta specials and discounted items.

Specials & Discounted Items


Our 4cm Hay Nets are now available in BOTH 48ply and 60ply in all sizes of Round bales and all of our 4cm size nets.

FAST SHIPPING 1 to 2 days as we always have nets in stock.

Our hay nets are the most GENEROUS SIZED nets in Australia. This means you get value for money and EASE of use!

Our Large hay nets (full small bale) are a NEW DESIGN and are SUPER EASY to FILL!

The whole idea of GutzBusta Slow Feed hay nets is to do just that…. slow down your horses rate of consumption and stop your valuable hay from being wasted.  We all know what happens when we throw a biscuit of hay out on the ground – it is gobbled up within 30 minutes and that’s it.  If you are only feeding once or twice a day, then what does your horse do with the rest of the time if he is locked up without anything else to eat??

Welcome to our Store. We offer one of Australia’s largest and biggest variety of Slow Feed Hay Nets, stocking 3cm, 4cm and 6cm hole sizes. Our GutzBusta® Brand has been around for over 6 years and they are therefore tried and tested.  Our nets are designed in Australia by an Australian owned business.  We are more than JUST an online shop, we have spent 100’s of hours putting information on our website and continue to update information and products all the time.  We want our customers to be educated on how to best use your hay net, what sizes suit best and we provide lots of information to assist you in making the right choice.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like further advice as we offer a higher end service than just offering you products to purchase.

Our hay nets are made from strong and durable 48ply and 60ply UV stabilized, pre-stretched, polyethylene netting and are the most generous sized hay nets on the Australian market which makes them easy to use, fill and long lasting.  We feel these ply’s are more than adequate as thicker ply’s are more course and could be too harsh on tongues, lips and teeth, however with the above ply’s we have never had this issue. We also know that thicker plys will make the knots bigger which could give some horses more easy access to be able to grab a knot and chew it, therefore breaking the net, therefore negating the advantage of being a thicker ply.

We are also the manufacturer of ThrushEze® Hoof Powder which gives outstanding results in horses with thrushy feet.

Other products such as GutzBusta® Lick Nets, Hoof Picks, Rasps, Black Healer, and a Hay Weigher have also been added and will continue to add more in the future.

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