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GutzBusta® Hay Nets


Our GutzBusta® Hay Net range consists of: 

Hay Nets Available across the entire GutzBusta® Range 

  • 4cm x 4cm square holes (1.5" square) – 48ply & 60ply and are called our “Moderator's”.   
  • 3cm x 3cm square holes (1" square) - 48ply and are called our “Decelerator's”. 
  • 6cm x 6cm square holes (2.3" square) - 60ply – are called our "Encapsulator's". 

Sizes Available - in 6cm & 4cm (60ply) and 3cm (48ply) sized holes: 

Small, Large and Medium GutzBusta Hay Nets

Small            - Takes up to 3 generous biscuits of hay.  

Medium        - Takes up to 6+ biscuits or half small bale 

Large            - Takes a full small bale 

Round bales and Large Square Export Bales – Available in 3cm, 4cm and 6cm sized holes; 

4x4 $127.50 (48ply) 4cm holes (black in colour)

5x4 $137.50 (48ply) 4cm holes (black in colour) 

6x4 $147.50 (48ply) 4cm holes (black in colour) 


4x4 $147.50 (60ply) 4cm holes (green in colour) 

5x4 $157.50 (60ply) 4cm holes (black in colour) 

6cm GutzBusta Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Nets

6x4 $167.50 (60ply) 4cm holes (black in colour) 

6x4 $160.00 (48ply) 3cm holes (black in colour)


6x4 $147.50 (60ply) 6cm holes (black in colour) 

6cm holes are great for containing hay, but not actually slowing down the consumption very much.  Brilliant for livestock, broodmares, older horses.   

Please note that ALL of the 6x4 hay nets will fit all 3 sizes of Round Bales as well as the Large Export Square Bales (8x4x3 and 8x3x3). 

NB: If you run out of round bales, you can always use your round bale net to fill full of small bales to give your horses a bulk amount of hay still?  


More Information about our GutzBusta® Hay Net Range 

As of August 2016, EVERY size of our hay nets had a revamp with draw string material used and more importantly, they all had a size increase. Our hay nets are now the most generous sized hay nets in Australia. They all have wide mouths that make filling much easier.  As we have been making them for over 6 years now, we know how they nets respond with 24/7 use and have made adjustments to make sure your hay nets are always easy to fill. 

  • They are made from UV stabilised, pre-stretched polyethylene netting.  They are tough and strong.  
  • Square mesh pattern which means that no matter how much or how little hay is inside the net, they are always easy to eat out of it, unlike diamond shaped holes that collapse down on themselves as the hay net empties. 
  • These nets have overlocked side stitching along the side seams to make them a tough and durable Hay Net.  All nets have been designed by us and we have worked out the best sizes to suit tough Australian conditions. We have been making these nets for over 6 years and thanks to customer feedback, we have developed a hay net superior to others available in Australia.  They are very generous in sizing with wide mouths to allow them to be easily filled. 

    Medium, Small and Large GutzBusta Hay Nets

  • New 60ply available in 4cm and 6cm sizes (not available in 3cm).  60ply is a heavier duty netting material and is therefore stronger for those horses that are hard on things. Horses that paw a lot, pull at rugs, chew things, young horses or a few horses sharing the same net would all benefit from the 60ply. The 48ply has served both our own horses and many clients very well over the years, but some horses require a bit more strength in the 4cm.   
  • There are no metal joins of any sort on these nets, so nothing harmful for your horse to chew.  All nets come with a polyethylene draw string that is easy to tie and untie knots with. If a hole does start from getting caught on something, they are easily repaired, and all nets are supplied with a repair string (just like good quality jackets/jumpers come with a piece of extra thread). 
  • All products have undergone a revamp in that we have slightly increased the sizing on ALL of our Hay Nets.  This means all sizes, particularly the Medium and Large's are very generous in their sizing, making them SUPER easy to fill.  Our larges are unique to all other slow feed hay nets in Australia in ease of use and design. 

Be very careful that you are comparing apples with apples when comparing different brands of slow feeders.  For example, one of our competitors large is only a fraction bigger than our small.   Another competitors mouth of their medium (half bale) is only as wide as our small.  This means frustration for you when trying to fill your hay net.  If the mouths (openings) of the nets are too small, they are much harder to use and fill. 

We are also honest as to the what ply the hay nets are made from to make your comparisons easier.  The larger the ply and the smaller the holes, then the more costly the netting. Measurements are provided in each individual hay nets information page so you can make an informed decision. 

Basically you need to use good common horse sense when using any hay net!   

  • Do not leave buckled halters or other type of buckled head gear on your horse when using ANY type of hay net as  your horse may get caught.  
  • If your horse is shod then simply tie your net up a little higher out of hoof range or put your net inside a box or other device such as a hay ring that stops their feet coming into contact with the hay net.   
  • Similarly, do not let horned animals such as cattle, sheep or goats eat from the hay nets as they may tear the netting or get entangled.   
  • If your horse or pony does have direct access to the hay net with it's feet, then make sure it's feet are larger than the holes of the hay net.