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GutzBusta use for small hooves or foals

When using ANY hay net, always take note of the size of the horse, foal or ponies feet when using a hay net.

Most ponies feet are bigger than 4cm but foals and mini pony foals may not be.  The last thing you want is your foal to get caught in a net.

Once your foals feet are larger than the net size then they are safe to be with a hay net at feet level like these 2 gorgeous stock horse babies.

Simple solution is to tie your nets higher until the feet grow big enough, or put the net in a box/container or hay ring feeder that the foal cannot get it's feet in to.

As you can see the images below illustrate tying your nets higher so foals cannot get their legs caught. Another way to keep small feet or shod feet out of the net is to use a box such as this old peach box also shown below.