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Draw String - Spare


Draw String - Spare GB-DRAWSTRING

Need a replacement draw string or wanting to upgrade to our newer material? Add a draw string to your order as we have changed over all of our hay nets to a new material which is lighter, doesn't take on water and brightly coloured. The best thing about this new material is that is it really easy to tie and un-tie knots. All hay nets were changed over from 1-7-16.

Please note that if you wish to be able to hang your large hay nets vertically, as they now hang horizontally, then we are selling an extra drawstring for this purpose. You will be posted details on how to apply to your large hay net with your order.

Sizes Available:
  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large
  4. Large - vertical hanging conversion
  5. Round Bale 4x4
  6. Round Bale 5x4
  7. Round Bale 6x4
  8. Large Square Export Bale - 8x3x3 or 8x4x3

Please note that discount codes are not applicable for this item.

AU$2 In stock
Size of Hay Net Small (0) Medium (0.91) Large (1.82) Large - vertical hanging conversion (3.63) Round Bale 4x4 (2.72) Round Bale 5x4 (3.18) Round Bale 6x4 (3.63) Large Square Export Bale - 8x3x3 or 8x4x3 (3.63)
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