GutzBusta Lick Net WITH Salt

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We are now making small GutzBusta Nets for Salt licks. These nets are able to be hung anyway with a long draw string. Using a Net for your salt lick will enable you to get your salt lick off the ground.

These are available with or without a pink rock salt lick.  So you can add your own salt lick if you wish, or purchase a pink rock salt block from us.  GutzBusta® Salt lick Nets will enable you to hang your salt lick off the ground.  No rope goes through your salt lick, so it won't fall to the ground as it gets licked away.  Less wastage, no fuss!

No rope through your salt block so it won't fall to the ground.

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Available as:

GutzBusta Net PLUS Pink Rock Salt Lick in varying weights from:

  • < 1kg
  • 1-2kg
  • 2-3kg
  • 3-4 kg

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Please note that your postage will be a little higher as we have a loading for this particular item due to the weight and therefore cost to us. For example if your order has the flat rate postage applied of $10, then you add a <1kg salt, there is an extra $2 added to your postage. This rate increases with the weight of the salt and applies per item.

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