Repair Kit for GutzBusta Hay Nets

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Our Repair Kits are great if you find a hole in your net. These contain a sample of the actual net as well as extra repair string made from the same material as the net itself.   By quickly fixing any hole that may develop in your hay net, you drastically increase the life of your GutzBusta Hay Net. 

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They come with a several meters of twine for sewing the hole up and also to use it with the supplied 'patch' of netting. From experience, if you QUICKLY repair any hole that has found, it no longer presents a problem and the net will have a long life. Allowing holes to get bigger and bigger before fixing will decrease the life of your hay net as your horse will bury it's nose in the hole and make it bigger.

Available in both 3cm (48ply only) and 4cm (48ply and 60ply) and now 6cm (60ply only) size.

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